My regular dentist was not able to see a problem with my tooth but to be on the safe side I was referred to Dr. Penn. Dr. Penn and staff worked me in the same afternoon. The tooth did need treatment and it was provided immediately. I feel I was possibly spared great misery--judging from past experiences. Thanks, Dr. Penn and staff!

Kathleen King

It was such an inviting and pleasant experience being my first time in their office. Staff and Dr. Penn was such a pleasure that I would definitely recommend this office for any root canal issues or concerns.
Thank you

Cyn Sha

Great Dentist, had a great experience, very honest and knowledgeable, concerned about patient long term care, Highly Recommended.

Lou Beltran

Who wants a root canal right? But if you need one, you are in excellent hands with Dr. Penn. He is careful and explains everything and stays really focused on the task to get you finishes with as little discomfort as possible. Truly nothing hurts during the whole process. Dr Penn is awesome!

Jennifer Nuovo

Recently Dr. Penn did a root canal on me and it was practically painless. My whole experience with him and his staff was very friendly and pleasant. Thank you for your kindness and generosity to make my visit a very wonderful experience.

Lambert Kopecki

A very comfortable, professional office and staff. The staff went to great effort to make sure I was comfortable. Dr. Penn does a wonderful job at explaining everything that is going to take place and everything he is doing during the procedure.

Sara Ringen

Had a root canal and Dr Penn and Martha provided excellent treatment and care. The experience and care really showed in the way I recovered and the explanation on what was going on and understanding tooth nerve behavior. Thank you Dr. Penn.

Sangeeta Patel

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